ETJA Natural Mango Butter, 50ml


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NATURAL MANGO BUTTER / Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butte /
Natural, refined, creamy cosmetic butter (no lumps). It contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. It has a strong moisturizing, smoothing and firming effect. Protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. Intended for dry, mature and damaged skin.

ETJA cocoa butter is 100% natural.


apply directly to the skin, especially dry, sensitive skin with the effects of psoriasis, irritation and cracks,
strongly moisturizing bath – add 10 grams (tablespoon) with your favorite natural essential oils to a bathtub filled with 1/3 of warm water. Bath time 15-20 minutes.
massage – in combination with other base oils for the skin
a natural base for the production of creams and lotions – we recommend combining with BIO shea butter and cocoa butter
melted into a liquid form can be rubbed into the hair instead of the traditional hair mask. After the treatment, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo
a natural alternative to greasy creams with regenerative properties for damaged skin on the hands and cracked skin on the heels,
perfect for slimming treatments, strongly firms flabby and inelastic skin,
lip care
the basic base for the production of DIY bath balls

white butter, odorless.


Store in a cool place or at room temperature without direct sunlight.




Mango butter is a natural product. The influence of seasonal weather changes may produce slight variations in color, odor and density.

Each natural Etja product is registered in the CPNP database and dermatologically tested.


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