ETJA Macerate from Marigold, 50ml


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The highest quality macerate obtained as a result of maceration of marigold flowers in cold pressed BIO sunflower oil (1: 3). Contains fatty acids, minerals, beta-carotene and vitamins A, B, C, E and F. Increases elasticity, smoothes, moisturizes, anti-inflammatory and regenerates damaged skin. It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Recommended for rough, cracked skin, also damaged as a result of frostbite or burns. It is also suitable for skin prone to infection, redness and cracking. Due to the high content of vitamin E and linoleic acid in sunflower oil, macerate has antioxidant and anti-acne properties.



apply directly to the skin

• perfectly replaces cleansing and cleansing milk

• anti-age ingredient in combination with other oils (BIO argan oil, marula oil, Inca Inchi oil)

• bath additive

• an ingredient for facial massage oil

• addition to protective and regenerative creams

• Balm for the care of chapped lips.

• after shave cosmetics ingredient

• used as a natural self tanner and cosmetic for skin care after sunbathing

• oil baths and hair wipes, in the case of very dry and damaged hairdressers

• olive in the fight against dandruff


Store in a cool place or at room temperature without sunlight.





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