ETJA BIO Chia Seed Oil 50ml


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CHIA BIO SEED OIL / Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil /

Natural, unrefined, cosmetic, cold-pressed oil obtained from 100% organic Spanish sage seeds. It contains significant amounts of alpha-linolenic acid, approx. 60-65% (omega-3), linoleic acid (omega 6), vitamin E and flavonoids. It has the highest level of antioxidants among cosmetic oils, is ultra light and absorbs quickly into the skin. Perfectly moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles and improves elasticity, preventing loss of firmness and dullness of the skin. It has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties and strengthens the natural resistance of the skin. It improves the condition of the hair, gives it a natural glow and makes it easier to detangle. Intended for mature, dry and sensitive skin.

ETJA Chia Seed Oil is 100% cold-pressed, unrefined in an organic version. It is certified by the Soil Association



  • apply directly to the skin of the face and body
  • bath – adding a small amount (8-10 ml) to the bathtub will gently moisturize, nourish and firm the skin. Bath time 15/20 minutes
  • massage – improves skin elasticity
  • natural toning serum – perfectly soothes the effects of cosmetic treatments, such as epilation or peeling
  • hair tip care – provides nourishing and protective properties, apply a small amount directly to dry or damp hair ends without rinsing
  • hair oiling – apply to dry and unwashed hair and scalp
  • hand and nail care – rub the oil into the damaged skin of the hands and nail plates
  • a natural addition to creams, lotions and masks
  • oil make-up base
  • the fat phase of home cosmetics



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